About Dr. Jayne

Dr. Jayne serves innovative creators who want to 10X their business and their life.

She works with people who want to create financial greatness through first finding personal greatness. Her clients know, as research now supports, that growth of self and others builds a financially stronger company.

She says: “I am most proud of proving through my own business development and my clients’ successes that personal growth creates financial growth…and beyond. Indeed uncovering and living our Authentic Self is the key to everything we ever want to create.”

The unique part of Dr. Jayne—she does her own work first so you know anything she encourages you to do she has tried out herself. She knows how to call out the stories we hide behind because she strives every day to live her own best life. But she knows that the results we all want toward the end of our lives is: more fulfilling relationships, and yes, grounded in a deep love and respect for ourselves. She, like all of us, wants to know she has lived her best life!

She helps you move past personal problems showing you how they relate to your business challenges. She “gets” that your conflicts and limiting beliefs are usually subconscious, based on fear, and usually difficult to identify by yourself. Her flagship product, High Performance Breakthrough, gives you the blueprint to upload negative or limiting beliefs within you and rewire them into a set of beliefs you have carefully chosen to represent your most passionate ardent authentic self.

Hiding behind the Ph.D. shingle on her door is not her style, yet she knows the brain gets past resistance to change more easily if it knows some facts or research.

Dr. Jayne Gardner holds a doctorate degree in psychology and counseling and state licensure as an LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) and LMFT (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist). She also holds the highest level of certification with the International Coaching Federation, MCC (Master Certified Coach). She has contributed articles to numerous magazines, professional journals, and media outlets including SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management), Dallas Business Journal, and Science of Mind magazine. She has hosted her own radio show called Wired to Win (KRLD-AM/Dallas) and has appeared on CNN’s Business Unusual and on Good Morning Texas (ABC affiliate). Her authentic presence engages audiences quickly and leaves a lasting impact.

Because of her vast life experience, education, and presentation style, she receives rave reviews from audiences nationwide; she has presented all over the US and abroad to many prestigious groups such as the International Coach Federation, Unity Churches, and Young Presidents’ Organization.

Dr. Jayne has dedicated the last quarter of a century of her professional life to the study of personal transformation. In 2008, she graduated from the University of Texas Dallas School of Management with a major in Executive and Professional Coaching. She has since taught as Adjunct Professor of Business and Professional Communication at Texas Christian University, is a Program Advisor for Houston Christian University’s Women in Leadership Program, and worked as an Executive Coach at the University of Dallas.

what people say

“In my career, I was successful at achieving goals which supported corporate objectives; however, in retrospect I realize some of my personal beliefs limited my overall effectiveness.  Going through this rewire process during my corporate days, I have more energy, focus and creativity for greater success, and realized more professional as well as personal fulfillment.”

Susan Potter, Graphics Production Manager, Retired, Verizon