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Dr. Jayne Gardner is a mental health expert whose body of work spans working in mental hospitals to transforming the careers of the C-Suite.

Her research-driven methods guide people to recognize where unhealed emotions are driving current performance. Interviewing the dynamic Dr. Jayne will give your audience concise cogent insights and advice on coping with any type of personal or professional trauma or discontent.

Dr. Jayne’s areas of expertise include these topics:

  • Why bullies, tyrants and psychopaths exist and what to do about it
  • What it means to be criminally insane and how people get that way
  • How our early traumas limit our current careers
  • What our choice of romantic partner is really based on – and why some people just keep choosing the same personality
  • The reasons some people will always be unlucky underdogs – until they slough off their shell
  • How uncontrolled anger generates a lifetime of problems
  • Uncovering the root cause of the depression epidemic

Dr. Jayne’s extensive experience helping people trapped by early sorrows and traumas – and what any of us can do to truly free ourselves – makes her a specific, valuable interview.  Reach out to Dr. Jayne on her media hotline number at (817) 235-2430.

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