by Dr. Jayne Gardner Adding Women to Your Leadership Team

The secret to bring more women into your leadership team: It's your *current* employees. Are you leveraging your greatest talent resource? #Author #ExecutiveCoach #BusinessLeadership Unleash Your Potential

Our beliefs often form barriers, limiting our potential. How do we get into traps that restrict our growth and success based on social norms? 1. Gender: From birth, society imposes gender-based restrictions. Stereotypes like 'boys are stronger', 'girls shouldn't be... New Empowering Beliefs

Liberating Beliefs according to categories Always phrase an affirmation in the present tense; not in the future. It is important to state it as if it already exists. You are not lying to yourself, you are acknowledging the fact that everything is created first on the... 4 Actions to Stop the Mass Shootings

The recent surge in US mass shootings has brought gun violence to the forefront. Despite attempts to control the problem through gun control, better background checks, and mental health initiatives, we've been unable to find a viable solution. Can addressing anger... One Way to Handle Anger with Someone You Love

Last night, my husband Dave and I were driving to dinner, and I couldn't help but feel annoyed because he was driving too fast for my comfort. He's a thrill-seeker, always drawn to flying airplanes and racing cars, but I started to feel like his driving could put my... What if?

Our brain, the anticipation machine, constantly asks "What if?" to protect us from potential dangers. This pattern of thinking often starts in childhood when we're warned about possible risks! - What if it rains today and you don’t have your jacket?- What if you... Rules of Engagement

📣 Founders, entrepreneurs, business leaders - here's how clear expectations helps everyone stay aligned and fosters a positive work environment (and business success!)🌟 Rules of Engagement are POWERFUL guidelines that help make sure everyone on the team understands... Does Anger Rule You?

Stop letting anger rule you. Impossible? Not at all. Anger is a natural emotion signaling something needs attention. 💥 Embrace it. Learn from it. Use it as a tool for self-improvement and better communication. The key? Process anger, don't suppress it. Unlock personal... A Different Way: Harnessing Your Anger for Positive Change

In our lives, we often encounter two main ways people express negative emotions: either EXPLODING, which involves venting and blaming others, or IMPLODING, which involves blaming ourselves and turning our anger inward. Unfortunately, neither of these approaches... The Primal Scream

Ever been there? A snarky remark at work or your child's teacher calling about their behavior boils your blood. One more social media post makes you doubt yourself. 😫 It's time to vent, but without hurting others. 🧠 Our brains have three regions: the emotional,...