Our brain, the anticipation machine, constantly asks “What if?” to protect us from potential dangers.

This pattern of thinking often starts in childhood when we’re warned about possible risks!

– What if it rains today and you don’t have your jacket?– What if you forget your homework?– What if you burn yourself when you touch the stove?– What if you are not good enough to pass second grade?Our young brains lack the ability to create alternative ways of thinking. We are caught up in a negative loop inside our brains always worried, upset about prior performance at school, or fearful about what might happen in the future…To break the cycle of fear and worry:What if you took control of your brain and told it what to think?Today, instead of climbing the wall of worry, count your blessings.

What if something happened today that made me very happy?
What if the universe has my back and I feel happy all day?
What if I made my goal today?
What if I am aware all day and catch my negative thoughts and push them aside?
What if I realized how very grateful I am for all I have?
What if_____________________?

Embrace positivity and watch your life, including your finances, flourish. ✨

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