“Never fall in love, Mom!”

Years ago, I had found the PERFECT house, and had asked my mergers and acquisition attorney daughter, “How do I negotiate a good price?”

She cautioned me, “If you walk in wanting one house that badly, the price will be as high as your excitement. Keep looking! When you have 3-4 houses you love, then you’re ready to negotiate a good deal.”

(I taught her well. Don’t you love when your kids remind you of what you taught them?)

She was right, of course.


🚨 Desperation and urgency kill manifestation.

According to the laws of manifestation, I had messed up by falling in love with one specific house and stopped my search – I had lost my negotiation power.

The Gardner Method describes a way to manifest your best life as BE>DO>HAVE:

1: First, I had to BE.

I had to feel the high Emotional Set Point (ESP) in my bones, as if I was already living in that beautiful house.

I had to BE happy, knowing it would come to me all in good time.

2: Second, I had to DO.

I had to relax and trust that I deserve to have a beautiful house, DO the looking until the right house AND the right price came to me.

3: Thirdly, HAVE!

By Being and Doing, I found the right and perfect house!  Now I HAVE it.

I kept my options open and unlimited as to the outcome.

I expanded my way to look at my search:
🛑 From desperation and urgency
⚡ To peace and positive trust.

There is more than enough out there for me – and the same is true for you!

Does this resonate with you?

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