The truth about desperation? Desperation and urgency kill manifestation. Here’s why:

Like attracts in this universe of ours.

If you are urgent, you are putting off an attraction that says, I am scared there will not be enough for me.

And if you are desperate, you are saying, I am scared nobody will love me!

In my post yesterday, I shared about finding my perfect house AFTER I took out the urgency. I realized the right house was out there, and I waited until I found several beautiful ones – then bought exactly the right house!

If you know – really believe – that you have so much to offer the world, there will be many options, jobs, houses, opportunities showing up for you.

The job searcher will find his/her right and perfect job when they realize they are so valuable, and there are many jobs out there just right for them.

Manifestation is like playing with the universe’s laws in deep respect for the truth: There is more than enough for us all! 💡

Get out of your own way, friend. ❤️