Ever been there? A snarky remark at work or your child’s teacher calling about their behavior boils your blood. One more social media post makes you doubt yourself.

😫 It’s time to vent, but without hurting others.

🧠 Our brains have three regions: the emotional, logical, and visceral brain. But if you are emotional, the emotional brain is in charge and your logical brain goes offline, unavailable to you.

😰 If we don’t vent, process or talk about these emotions, they will settle in our body and cause physical problems.

To avoid becoming reactive beings, tossing logic aside, we need to learn to regulate our emotions.


Screaming activates our amygdala, increasing alertness, providing relief when emotions build up in your brain and you don’t have time to process them through talk. The Primal Scream is a “quick fix” for re-establishing balance in the brain, relieving our stress.

Before screaming, follow these steps:

⚡Name your feelings: Recognize when emotions have taken control of your logical brain.
⚡Journal your feelings: Write about your frustrations.
⚡No privacy? Scream in your car or into a pillow or purse outside where the noise will not be heard.
⚡Turn the scream into a positive action: Use the energy from your scream for something constructive like going to exercise, taking a walk, or just a moment of pause.

Try the primal scream to release stress, regain control, and achieve balance in your life. Go on, let it out!

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