Keys open doors. A key can be used metaphorically to symbolize power and authority.

My goal with coaching anyone through my Gardner Method is for them to become free of any triggers that upset them or pull them off their game. I wish them to finish the process with a stronger sense of authority over their own lives. In psychology, we call it having Internal Locus of Control (ILOC). It is also the aim of all spiritual work —to become so internally sourced that we remain calm in a storm, or maybe even more challenging: we hold our positive Emotional Set Point (ESP) and remain non-pulsed and non-reactive in the midst of a holiday at our parents’ house.

Lately, I have been trying out a new way to help people sustain the happiness and powerfulness that comes to them after the Rewire Retreat they experience in my process. They say it would help if they had something real they could see or hold in their hands, a touchstone to remind them of the powerful transformation they just experienced. They want to remain strong enough to stay authentic to themselves, even in trying times.

It all started when one client told me she felt like she had the “keys to the kingdom” after taking the process. I thought of the idea to mail out a set of keys as a gift, a touchstone when students graduate.

People could put the keys on a chain and wear their favorite one around their neck or keep one in their pocket to grip when in a stressful moment. This set of keys could help them stay internally centered in their own authority, no longer controlled by that old, inner critical voice, nor the outer pull of a sometimes violent, loud, and distracting world ….out there.

Maybe just the idea will help you realize you are always at choice and that you have a life force, a powerful agency in you that is stronger than anything outside of you or anything that can ever happen to you.

I hope you are motivated to take my process, or at least maybe go on amazon and buy a set of keys to use as a touchstone.

If you are intrigued and want to experience my process, you can take it online or in person with me.

A Gift for you!

Be at peace, however, knowing you have the answer to everything you face right inside of you.

The thought of possessing the keys to the kingdom may be all you need to open just the right doors for your lasting happiness. Your own mind is yours anytime you wish to key into your own power.

I wish you well.
Dr. Jayne